Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide where you can learn to shop smarter for soccer cleats online.

Things to consider:

1.Size – Before shopping online for anything that’s going on your feet you need to know exactly what size your buying. Shopping for soccer cleats online can be fun, cheap and convenient. It can also turn into a headache if you order a size too big or too small. Take a moment to measure your feet. Also here’s a link to a size chart of the exact measurements of brand name cleats like Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance.

Before measuring your cleats it’s best advised that you put on the same socks that you’d wear when playing in your cleats. This will help provide for a more accurate measurement of what size you’ll actually need.

Once you’re in the socks that you plan on using your cleats with find a wall to place the back of your heel again the wall.

Now that you have your soccer socks on and a nice straight wall, go ahead and find a piece of paper. Place that piece of paper flat on the ground next to the wall. try to line the end of the paper with your heal against the wall. Next ask a friend or family member to mark the paper at the tip of your toe. If no one is around at the moment you can do this yourself.

Now use a ruler to measure your heel to toe length and now you know your size!

2.Comfort – One of the most important things before buying your cleats is comfort. No one’s feet are the same and each cleat has a specific design to cater to that foot. Sometimes we get lost in the aesthetics of the cleats and forget all about the comfort. If you’re a flat-footed player then it’s a good bet that you’ll feel much more comfortable in a pair of Adidas than you will in a pair of Nike’s. That’s not to say that Nike doesn’t have cleats that work well for flat-footed players, this is just an example.

You can’t perform at your best if you’re not comfortable in your cleats. Pay attention to certain identifiers such as the tip of the cleat or material on the cleat(upper). This all plays a role into how comfortable you’ll cleats will feel. A good rule of thumb is after you break in your cleats you should be able to forget that your even wearing cleats and be able to solely focus on your soccer.

Always allow for a little space between the tip of your cleat and your toes. A little toe space is a good thing and will prevent you from having any nasty toe injuries. If you’re cleat is too big then you’ll have trouble exploding and making clean contact with the ball. That’s we why emphasize the importance of knowing your size.

3. Enhancing attributes – What kind of players are you? Your cleats should help enhance your soccer qualities. If you’re a winger and you use your pace to run up and down the wings then buying a cleat with bladed studs is highly recommended.

If you’re a topsy, turnsy, stop and go type of play maker then conical studs are best suited for that style of play. These are things you should consider before buying your cleats as every inch counts in this beautiful game.

The best soccer cleats wrote a more in depth article about what you should consider before choosing a pair of cleats.

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