Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility FG Cleats Review

Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility FG Cleats Review


  • Secure lockdown and ankle stability
  • Explosive power on dry natural grass
  • Super welcoming AGILITYKNIT 2.0 material


  • If treated with disregard damage can be irreversible.


Great cleat for any position. What’s most to like about this cleat is it has a modern design that is attractive, but not over the top. The key attributes this cleat offer could only help improve your game on the field.

The Next Generation is Here.

The Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility is as epic as it’s whole name. For the sake of not sounding like a robot when talking about them the phrase “17-360’s” sounds solid enough to get the point across. When in context of course.

These cleats are a trendy tread from the labs of Adidas . So let’s get into it.


Inspiration and innovation led to this creation. The Adidas Nemeziz 17+ cleats are true eye candy to any player. Just the look of the cleat alone looks like it would be super comfortable. This is a laceless cleat so that’s great for anyone who wants total control on every touch. The illustrious patterns that wrap around the foot make it aesthetically pleasing to look at. In fact the whole structure of this cleat is pretty interesting.

Upper Material

The 17+ 360’s has a synthetic and textile upper material known as the AGILITYKNIT 2.0. It’s soft and comfortable, but durable and reliable at the same time. The laceless design proves that Adidas could go a step further into perfecting their cleats even more.

  • Synthetic and textile upper  – Synthetic and textile lining –  Synthetic outsole

Putting them on

Just like with any of Adidas’s laceless cleats you’ll need a shoe horn to get the cleat on. Try not to be stubborn and forcefully get your foot in without the tools given to you. Remember that these cleats are the best and for them to perform their best you should treat them as such. What will happen overtime is if you keep forcefully putting your feet in the cleats a lump with form. This is in most cases an irreversible reaction to countless strains to the cleat’s structure.

One of the great thing about these cleats is the laceless qualities it offers.

Fit and Feel

The Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility (man that’s long…) has a tape-inspired upper on the cleats to support game changing cuts and turns. You really get the sense that you could devastate your opponents rocking these.

The AGILITYKNIT 2.0 is the evolved form of the primeknit material. The idea her is that your cleats should be comfortable and responsive right out of the box. We all know that new cleats still need breaking in though so it’s not a bad idea to have a bit of a kick around before a big game. Test your cuts, juggle a bit and definitely get some clean strikes on goal. Once you’ve gotten a nice feel for them then you’re ready to perform.

The labeled revolutionary TORSION TAPE is the the new experience that in laceless soccer cleats. To provide background the concept was actually inspired by sports taping. When fitting into a pare of these cleats you’re undoubtedly in for a new experience.


Lateral and Medial Support is provided by the 360 TORSION TAPE. There is also a good deal of ankle stability provided by a DUAL LOCK COLLAR. This means no fear of rollover from your cleat as your feet will feel tightly locked in and secured. The benefits here are sharper reaction times and a light securing feel. We all know how painful it can be to roll your ankle. It should never be because of your cleat letting you down.

Excel on Dry Natural Grass

The cleat was built for firm ground play. You’ll be able to explode from still movements better than before. The Adidas 17+ 360’s has an TORSIONFRAME outsole that is ribbed ( TORSION RIBS) to provide a foundation of support and stability for digging into sprints.


A mixture of bladed and triangular studs suggest that this cleat was designed for speedsters. If you’re a winger, wing-back, striker or a player who uses his speed to his advantage then this may be your best cleat for choice.

With this stud structure you’ll be able to enhance your explosion and dig to accelerate when sprinting. These qualities matched with the the torsion laceless tape concept make these a must have for the passionate.

Where Should I Get The Adidas Nemziz 17+ 360 Agility at?

Price wise: If price is the main decider then follow the links with the lowest price. A great thing with most of these websites is you’ll get one chance to return them for the right size within 30 day after purchase. This means try em out and see if they’ll fit. If they’re too tight then size up, too small, size down and find what works best for you. The size charts on most of these website should be followed as well. Most importantly if you’re unsure, just ask!

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