About Us

Hours of browsing for price drops, clearance and discounts compressed into one website. We save you time and money by endlessly searching the internet and finding high quality soccer cleats at low prices from well known retailers across the USA.

Welcome to BuyCheapSoccerCleats.com! We are a football website first and a budget friendly online directory second. Now a days when a pair of cleats come out they are a minimum of $300 dollars. For most of us that is simply too much money to invest in a pair of cleats. Parents especially are hesitant to buy their son or daughter an expensive pair of cleats. For all you know in the next month they may never want to play again.

At BCSC we have partnered with Elite soccer websites to list the cheapest soccer cleats available and provide links through our ‘shop now’ buttons to their products. Don’t let the name “cheap” fool you. All of the products we list on this website are authentic high end cleats that are on clearance.

We are soccer players at heart and the last thing we’d ever want to partake in is offering low quality cleats for a quick buck. We only list the same products that we ourselves would use and nothing less.

We know what it takes to play at the highest level. One of things it doesn’t take is a need for the best cleat to be the best player. There are plenty of good high quality soccer cleats for prices so low you just can’t resist. Instead of dropping $300 on a pair of cleats why not get good pair on clearance (ex. was $300 now $150) and use the extra money for other things? This is the economical footballers website. There is no sacrifice in quality here.

We’re here to help you find those low prices and if needed, guide you through the process of finding a cleat that suits you.

Thank you and please always feel free to contact us. We are a group of former professionals, coaches and amateur players who love the beautiful game. What we love even more is being able to bring affordable prices so the kid who dreams of playing like messi can find his cleats at a clearance price!

So browse around, have fun and if you need any help we’re here waiting.

Our message to all players… You don’t have to have the most expensive cleats to play beautiful.