7 Budget Soccer Cleats For The Kids!

7 Budget Soccer Cleats For The Kids!

7 budget soccer cleats for kids

Some may debate that the perfect age to start soccer is as early as 2 years old a plus being it’s easy to find cheap soccer cleats. Kind of crazy if you think about it but some of the best players in the world were kicking the ball before they could utter their first sentence.

A lot of factors play into the development of your child’s soccer abilities but none more important than that of the parents. Buying cheap soccer cleats won’t hurt their game at all. Buying a crappy pair of generic brand soccer cleats might.

If you’re planning on cultivating your child’s talents as a soccer player then pay close attention as we will go over the dos and donts and share with you a list of some great cleats to keep your children motivated and at the same time enhance their performance.

Arsenal Coach Arsene Wenger once said, ” What’s most important for children is that they just have fun and learn to love the game.”

Let the kids have fun but do the background work on choosing a proper cleat that they will feel comfortable playing in. If money doesn’t grow on trees for you then it’s important to browse for cheap soccer cleats before upping the price. Once junior shows more interest then it’ll be ok to splurge the cash into their passion.

Cleat Shopping Criteria For Kids

1.Size – The most important of all is the size of the cleat. Always leave about a little less than a half-inch of toe space for your kids. An average pair of cleats should last about 1-2 years depending on how frequent your kid is playing. Take special consideration if you’re young football star has flat-feet. Although Adidas does a good job with making their cleats flat-foot friendly.

2.Go Conical – Your child isn’t a super speedster just yet as their still developing their muscles. Youth soccer focuses and prides itself on the development of technical skill. Conical studs will help a lot with their balance and form more in line with what coaches are trying to teach them ( stand over the ball confidently).

3.Flashy is fine – There’s usually two reasons why a kid plays soccer. It’s either because his friends play or his family plays. Hopefully the latter as their may be a deeper foundation to their development but if not no sweat! There are plenty of cheap soccer cleats that have modern designs and styles that kids will love.

Our Selection

Here’s our picks of great cleats you can buy your child for the upcoming season! All the cleats in this selection are for firm ground playing

There’s nothing wrong buying cheap cleats but there is something wrong with having cleats that look cheap. All the cleats here are the consumer version of Nike, Adidas and Puma’s premier line. One day your child may want to the $300 Adidas 16+ pure control but until that day comes find quality cleats for less.


  • February 21, 2017 7:19 pm by Philip Browne

    Hi there,
    This is a great article about where and when to start getting the kids involved in football. I have no doubt that when they start to kick a football around at home, we should be picking up the signals there and then that they are ready. If they get a nice pair of flashy or colourful pair of cleats, that will certainly motivate them to engage further and get outside onto the playing fields with other like-minded kids. Its an education of sorts, even before they get to go to school, they will have an idea of the basics and that should stand to them as they progress in life. Well done again.
    Cheers..Phil Browne

  • February 22, 2017 7:20 am by Mike

    Even though I grew up in an era where we all wore black wheels, I can understand the kids of today trying to outdo each other while at the same time, trying to fit in. As you say, buying something cheap does not mean the article is cheap. There are some good values out there and your post identifies just that. Thank you.

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