10 Awesomely Cheap Soccer Cleats

10 Awesomely Cheap Soccer Cleats

10 Awesomely Cheap Soccer Cleats!

Choosing the right soccer cleats can go a long way to ensuring a strong performance in a soccer game. The best cleats, are the cleats that come with non-compromising features. Even though, no matter how great your soccer cleat is, it won’t make you a better player.

When the cleats are right, there will be an improvement in the performance of the player. However, finding the best soccer cleats for your money can become a difficult  task.

Everyday lots of soccer cleats are emerging onto the market – hence this why we’re sharing this review.

We have taken the time to bring to you not just the best of soccer cleats, but those that are cheap and budget-friendly. Below are our top 10 best cheap soccer cleats that will guarantee an improved performance as a soccer player.

#1 Nike Magista Onda FG

Looking for soccer cleats that will last you for a long time? The Magista Onda’s are a wonderful choice. It’s modernistic design features all the qualities a good cleat needs.

The Magista Onda FGs are a soccer cleat that is not just affordable, but made of a durable material – the Nike’s Trophy Synthetic leather. They will serve you well for a long time.

This is a material that is known to work well with those whose passes and first touches are crucial in 90-minute games. Conical studs will allow for good pivot and turning qualities. A great choice for any position but would best suit a midfielder.

#2 Nike Tiempo Mystic IV FG

Designed with the universal player in mind. This is a sleek, clean looking cleat that features the necessary aspects every quality cleat requires. There is a greater sense of protection in the feel also. Not your super thin light-weight cleat for strikers or your purely conical stud cleat focused on midfield. This cleat has a bit of everything which suggests it would suit just about any position on the field. It really just comes down to a matter of your preference.

Notice the mix of conical and bladed studs. Enhance your explosion without sacrificing quick pivoting and turning qualities. The minimalist design of the cleat definitely makes it an attractive choice for your not so flashy modern day players.

The Nike Tiempo cleats usually fit true to size and aren’t so narrow like most Nike Cleats – and for you midfield players, you will enjoy the comfortable controlling feel you have on the ball. This cleat is a great choice for any position.

#3 Adidas Messi 15.3 FG/AG

One soccer cleat you can’t go wrong with is the Adidas Messi 15.3 FG/AG. Enjoy all the skills and thrills in a cleat designed for Messi himself . Besides emulating Messi, you can expect this cleat to provide a smooth first touch with the synthetic upper material.

You will notice a cable-like pattern around the cleat that connects to the laces and wraps all the way around the heel to the other side. This is a locking cage mechanism. Once you lace up the cables will stretch to further secure you cleats to your feet. Prevent rollovers and loose feet and enhance reaction time.

It provides an excellent cushioning for all you tired-less sprinters. The 15.3 Features a synthetic structure upper that is dimple-like for an absorbing first-touch. They are lightweight with triangular studs and provides a great medium between exploding and pivoting.

#4 Adidas Ace Primeknit 17.3 FG

Here is a cleat that is both cheap and full of quality. The Adidas Ace 17.3 FG is something you need to consider. If you know of its elder brother (Ace 17.1 FG), you will see that the difference in quality is not much.

The cool camo-like design is well implemented and offers another unique choice in soccer cleat design.

Conical studs all around so you know this is a cleat for a technical player who wants to enhance their turning and cutting abilities.

The Ace 17.3 are an also an ideal choice for players that are flat-footed too. This means that it is a very comfortable choice and offers similar indiscriminating grip like its older brother. The upper material has this mini dimple structure that helps provide a more solid first touch on the ball and cleaner strikes on goal.

Again, a wonderful choice for you players out there who want that sock-like feel that will eliminate possibility of rollover when making quick cuts and turns on the pitch.

#5 New Balance Visaro Pro Fg

This list would not have been complete without the mention of this best cheap soccer cleat. Full of quality and even a popular choice at the most competitive levels of soccer. They come with both wide widths and standard.

This is one soccer cleat that does not just ensure a good traction, but a comfortable feel as well – all thanks to its foamy footbed featuring a stud pattern that is similar to something of a Adidas Messi cleat.

The ‘upper’ features an Ariaprene of 4mm in thickness and a debossed sweet spot of 2mm thickness. This goes a long way in ensuring a clean strikes on the ball. Your striking power on the ball won’t let up either. The greater the separation the grater the power.

#6 Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG

A pair of Mercurials is an ideal choice of for fast players. Just because it’s cheap does not take away any of the beauty and quality it offers.

What we have here is another minimalist designed cleat by Nike that does enough in design to make it an attractive choice among the flashy and not so flashy players.This is one soccer cleat you want to buy for an enhanced explosion and traction needed for the best sprint.

It features a synthetic material masking the whole surface. This cleat was designed so you could be going full speed down on the pitch without compromising control. The upper material allows for complete control. So if you like the idea of excellent traction, high-intensity sprint, and a neat touch, think Nike Mercurial Veloce II.

It may be worth looking into this cleat if you’re a winger, wing-back or speedy striker.

#7 Adidas Predator Absolado LZ FG

The Predators are a soccer cleat that you can say “has it all”, but at the same time is affordable. There’s no better choice than the Addidas predator Absolodo.

The unique color scheme of all the Absolodo cleats make it appealing to younger players who want prefer to shine in style on the field. Definitely a choice for those who want to show a bit of personality on the pitch.

It’s light weight, attractive and most importantly, comfortable. It features a synthetic material on the upper and provides a cozy fit, feeling very natural on your feet. There is a bit of foot compression technology in here as well to lock your feet in once you lace it. This of course comes with enhanced explosion and more secured feel.

This is one soccer cleat you can expect to last a while when it comes to durability. The Absolodos will serve you well in just about any position but moreover, a perfect choice for players who want to stand out in a game.

#8 PUMA evoSPEED 4.2 FG

The Puma evoSpeed 4.2 is one of the soccer cleats on the market with an appreciable quality. It features a synthetic material, making it very comfortable to use.

It also features a soft and light upper and at the same time maintains its durability. There is no compromise of first touch with this regard.

The bottom line is this: for a combination of sustainability and affordability, PUMA evoSpeeed 4.2 is the way. The qualities of this cleat suggests it would best suit your speedy players who use their pace to help their team.

This cleat is best suited for strikers, wing-backs and wingers to enhance their explosion qualities, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for other positions as well.

#9 Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 TRX FG

The Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 TRX FG promises an improved performance on the pitch offensively and defensively. Boasting qualities to enhance attributes for great comfort and touch.

This cleat is perfect for any engine-horse player who needs a cleat that can not only cut and stop well, but at the same time isn’t too heavy on the feet and offers wonderful protection from oncoming challenges by the opposing team.

The synthetic upper resembles something almost similar to leather. This can have a drastic change on the way you touch and feel the ball. You will definitely feel more in control as the ball will feel like it’s sticking to your feet on first-touch.

With this soccer cleat, you can confidently go into challenges knowing you’re protected. The comforting feel around your feet will help you go beyond 90-minutes so you can give 110%. A great all around cleat but would best be suited for midfielders and defenders.

#10 PUMA PowerCat 3

The Puma PowerCAt3 is a perfect choice for an authentic but cheap soccer cleat when it comes to having good traction on firm ground grass fields.

Although the cleat may look basic in its design, the real treat is in it’s structure. Bladed studs to provide wonderful traction on the pitch and also features a unique design of synthetic leather with durable sole plate.

This is a perfect budget cleat that will last a long time, enhance your attributes in all areas and we’re quite confident over time will grow on you.

Final Verdict
We live in a world of idolization where we want what our favorite players wear. It’s important to have role-models but remember this. Before they were famous players they were also looking for a cheap pair of cleats so they could just go out and enjoy the beautiful game.

Some of the best players in the world don’t have the luxury of buying expensive soccer cleats. Why should they need to when they still have world-class performances with a less expensive cleat. If you desire top quality soccer cleats and want to save money in the process still, we hope this selection can guide you in the right direction!


  • July 14, 2017 2:28 am by javiera

    Hi! thank you for your post. I am from Chile and over there is all about soccer haha. My dad actually use the Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 TRX FG and he told me that they were really good for the price that they sell them. Thank you so much for the information, I will tell him to take a look to your post so whenever he need new ones we can come here and look up for new options!

    • July 14, 2017 10:37 am by Michael Hunter

      Awesome! Glad you found value in this post.

  • July 14, 2017 3:59 am by BingC

    I’m so glad there was New Balance in the mix! I can only use NB because of the width they offer. I’m not a tall or even a big person, but my feet are pretty wide with a high arch. NB has always offered the right width of shoes for me. Thanks for this information.

    • July 14, 2017 10:36 am by Michael Hunter

      No doubt, many flat-footed players feel ignored by the soccer cleat industry. New Balance made a comfortable boot that accommodates an often over-looked flat-footed player.

  • July 14, 2017 8:40 pm by Rob

    I think your top 10 is fantastic. I used to play and the right soccer cleat was key. My cousins are starting to get into the game and I plan on helping them out with it. I will definitely show them this list and see what they make of it. Thanks for sharing.

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